13 Ways You Can Spend Less When Buying Household Products

When you go to reach for something to use in your house, you just want it to be there.  Whether it’s the right size light-bulb, a bottle of laundry soap, or -worse- another roll of toilet paper. In order to do all of this, you have to keep it well stocked and supplied at all times.  Here are 13 great ways you can save more money when buying household products. 1. Get organized first.  Ask yourself this: How many times have

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24 Tips for Saving Money While Preparing Your Tax Return

Taxes … there’s nothing fun about them.  They are complicated, tedious, and can take up your time. But more importantly, they can also take up your money if you’re not careful.  On one hand they cost you way more than is necessary if you’ve got a pretty simple return to file.  Or on the other hand they can turn into a costly nightmare if you make a mistake or file them incorrectly.  It can be a scary fine line. Luckily,

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eat out for less

15 Tips for Spending Less on Fast Food

Ahh, fast food.  You taste you good!  But you’re SO bad.  Bad for both my health and my wallet. Seriously!  Have you seen the price of some combo-meals?  For our family of four, we can spend more at a Subway sometimes than we can for a nice sit-down meal, complete with a tip!  That’s crazy. While fast food can be useful when you’ve got about 30 seconds to find something to eat before your next kid’s soccer game, here are

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spend less on driving

19 Ways to Spend Less on Your Car Expenses

I’m a commuter.  I unfortunately drive over 60 miles each way to my job every day (… it’s a long story why …).  For me, I rely on my car like its another set of legs.  If it stops working, then I’m not getting to work.  And that’s a problem! As much as we tend to love our cars, they are really nothing more than a pile of steel and bolts.  They can be temperamental.  Occasionally, they don’t like to

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how to save money by being healhier

Be More Healthy And Active Using These 23 Money-Saving Hacks

All of us know that we need to start exercising more, eat healthier, and stop with our bad habits.  But guess who else knows that too …  people who want your money! According to Fortune and Marketdata Enterprises, the U.S. weight loss market alone was valued at $64 billion in 2014.  That’s a lot of diet pills, work-out programs, and other things that unfortunately most of us probably didn’t use to the fullest extent. Instead of handing over our hard-earned

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how to save for retirement

21 Ways to Invest and Save for Retirement Better

When it comes to the act of retirement planning, believe it or not this is one place where you can actually “save even more money” while “saving money”!   (Yes, you read that correctly.) What am I talking about?  The IRS likes it when we take it upon ourselves to save money for retirement. As a result, they give you a lot of advantages that you wouldn’t normally get with other savings goals. In addition to saving for retirement, these advantages

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how to lower your energy bills

How to Lower Your Home Energy Usage in 17 Steps

In a lot of ways, your home is like a living-breathing machine.  It takes energy and maintenance to keep it functioning at peak efficiency. But that can quickly spiral out of control and cost you a bundle if you’re not careful.  Running the air conditioning too much, using up too much electricity, and using too much gas are all common offenses that will add up quickly. Here are x tips for keeping your energy useage regulated and your bills at

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spend less at Christmas

How to Save Money at Christmas – 21 Tricks

Christmas!!  It’s easily one of my favorite times of the year.  Family-time, gifts, food, snow, … what’s not to like? … oh yeah … those thousands of extra dollars that somehow sneak their way into your bills if you’re not careful. These days, everyone wants to cash-in on your Christmas joy and find new ways to charge you for that big day.  However, it doesn’t have to be like that at all. Here are 21 simple tricks you can use

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how to save money at the bank

15 Things You Can Do to Save Money on Banking

Banks are funny places … When you’re young, you’re taught that its a safe place to take your money and save it for a rainy day. But when you get older, you find out that a bank is just like any other business – they’re there to make money off of you!  Every time you walk in to one, you’re bombarded by advertisments for new accounts, loans, and a bunch of other services that you probably would never normally use.

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26 Good Habits That Will Save You Money on HealthCare

One of the single biggest expenses we all face (especially as we tend to get older) are the increasing costs of healthcare. Trips to the doctor, deductibles, prescriptions, and (the worst) whether or not your insurance is going to cover it!  It can all add up very quickly. Fortunately one of the best ways to combat your healthcare costs is to simply “be” more healthy.  And this is something that you can start doing right now that you can turn

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